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Carl Trueman, Movies, and Beauty

I agree with almost everything Carl Trueman has to say in this piece, which makes me all the more eager to briefly interject and explain why I think he's wrong to make the movie industry his whipping boy. Trueman's contempt for Hollywood celebrity culture is understandable and justifiable. But like many Christian commentators who turn…

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Why I Gave Up Being a Movie Critic

At one time in my life I had very serious aspirations to sit for hours at a time in a movie theater, watch films, write about them, and make money (or at least, break even!). I no longer have those desires. I still love movies, and am rarely happier than in a cinema. And I…

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Dreams Can Break Your Heart

My wife and I saw La La Land last night. I found it dazzlingly entertaining, and even more than a bit┬ámoving. Emma Stone fully deserves her Oscar nomination (Ryan Gosling was fine, but his performance has been overrated). I think it's one of my favorite films from last year. I was genuinely surprised by the…

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First thoughts on “Rogue One”

Some first impressions from tonight's screening of Rogue One: This is the Star Wars film that critics of George Lucas' prequels wanted instead. I told my brother-in law-in the car heading home that Rogue One is a love letter to fans of the original series. The comparisons to The Force Awakens are inevitable. But these…

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