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Undone In a Minute

If you still don't think adultery can utterly destroy a man's life work, you would do well to contemplate the recent resignation and confession of Larry Taunton. I've never met him, but I greatly admired his 2016 book The Faith of Christopher Hitchens. Since that book was published, Taunton has spent a lot of time…

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On Charlie Gard (a reply to Matt Loftus)

Matt: You're always worth reading, and your perspective on the difference between allowing the "arc of life" to complete vs causing death is helpful. I absolutely agree with you that we ought never torture dying people. I also agree that in cases where death is clearly imminent, the moral dimensions of allowing it in vs taking…

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On Moral Equivalency and Xbox

A friend of mine got a (predictably) hostile reaction on Facebook when he recently posted this status: If you are a young man wishing he had a young woman with whom to spend Valentine's Day, the single biggest thing you can do to improve your prospects is to stop playing video games. I am not…

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