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I'm very pleased to unveil a project several years in the making. Letter & Liturgy is an online writing initative and an evangelical Christian review of ideas and culture. Throughout nearly 5 years of regular blogging, I've had a vision for a site that did for gospel-centered evangelicals what First Things continues to do for…

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Augustine and Parental Ambition

Although she (Augustine's mother) had warned me to guard my virginity, she did not seriously pay heed to what her husband had told her about me, and which she felt to hold danger for the future: for she did not seek to restrain my sexual drive within the limit of the marriage bond, if it…

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Shaking John Piper’s Hand

Yesterday I shook John Piper's hand for the first time. It was a big moment for me. There are many things I could say here about what Piper's books and sermons and articles have meant for me over the past 10 years or so, but I'll try to summarize it like this: At 21 years…

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When C.S. Lewis Met Billy Graham

Billy Graham passed this morning. I recommend Christianity Today's special coverage of their founder. There is arguably no more important evangelical in American history than Billy Graham. And yet, as my friend Justin Taylor remarked this morning, Graham's righteousness is the exact same righteousness of every other Christian. His robes are our robes, the robes…

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Undone In a Minute

If you still don't think adultery can utterly destroy a man's life work, you would do well to contemplate the recent resignation and confession of Larry Taunton. I've never met him, but I greatly admired his 2016 book The Faith of Christopher Hitchens. Since that book was published, Taunton has spent a lot of time…

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Profane Public Squares

The Amazon Top 20 nonfiction lists includes two bestsellers, both from HarperOne, that include the f-word in their title and on their covers. A single asterisk keeps both titles from their honest spellings. My memory will not win any awards, but I simply do not recall ever seeing a trade book in Barnes and Noble…

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Poverty, Dreher, and Story

Rod Dreher, a writer for whom I have a lot of admiration and respect, nevertheless has a tendency to overstate things, especially when those things pertain to his lived experience. Likewise, he has an unfortunate tendency to assume the worst intentions of people who push back against the conclusions he draws from his experiences. Those…

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