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On Friday I stuck up for the movie industry. Last night the Academy Awards made me regret it. I've defended both films and the Oscars from their conservative naysayers in the past (and for the record, I still think the Right tends to be obnoxious about pop culture), but the telecast last night was beyond…

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Carl Trueman, Movies, and Beauty

I agree with almost everything Carl Trueman has to say in this piece, which makes me all the more eager to briefly interject and explain why I think he's wrong to make the movie industry his whipping boy. Trueman's contempt for Hollywood celebrity culture is understandable and justifiable. But like many Christian commentators who turn…

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The Wrong Spite of History

Social media doesn't usually shock me, but it got me this week. I was genuinely taken aback by the bile and viciousness I saw toward Billy Graham and his family from progressives, especially LGBT progressives. What I saw in dozens of tweets from accounts with shiny blue checkmarks was hatred of the simplest and most…

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The Cynical J.K. Rowling

For the past decade, J.K. Rowling's relationship to her own work has been incredibly cynical and stunningly mercenary. As a serious fan of the Harry Potter books, I'm thankful for her obvious talents and the richness and beauty of the mythology she's made. Her mammoth wealth and fame is just. What is much harder to…

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Undone In a Minute

If you still don't think adultery can utterly destroy a man's life work, you would do well to contemplate the recent resignation and confession of Larry Taunton. I've never met him, but I greatly admired his 2016 book The Faith of Christopher Hitchens. Since that book was published, Taunton has spent a lot of time…

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Poverty, Dreher, and Story

Rod Dreher, a writer for whom I have a lot of admiration and respect, nevertheless has a tendency to overstate things, especially when those things pertain to his lived experience. Likewise, he has an unfortunate tendency to assume the worst intentions of people who push back against the conclusions he draws from his experiences. Those…

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