I’m very pleased to unveil a project several years in the making.

Letter & Liturgy is an online writing initative and an evangelical Christian review of ideas and culture. Throughout nearly 5 years of regular blogging, I’ve had a vision for a site that did for gospel-centered evangelicals what First Things continues to do for its traditional Catholic readership. While the online evangelical writing scene is (thankfully!) very healthy, I’ve felt strongly the desire for a space for highly literary, rigorously thoughtful, and thoroughly evangelical expression.

My ambition is that Letter & Liturgy, whether read widely or just by a few friends, serves this purpose faithfully.

This consequently marks the end of an era for me. I want to thank Jake Meador for his supremely kind invitation to host my blog at Mere Orthodoxy. His friendship, editorial guidance, and empowerment has meant much over the past couple of years. Going forward I will be writing at Letter & Liturgy exclusively, and we will begin the process of moving the content of this space over there. But what’s here exists as a testament to Jake’s vision and partnership. I am extremely thankful.

I’m excited about this next chapter, and I hope every reader will find something of use at Letter & Liturgy.

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Posted by Samuel James

Samuel D. James is associate acquisitions editor for Crossway Books.