Billy Graham passed this morning. I recommend Christianity Today’s special coverage of their founder. There is arguably no more important evangelical in American history than Billy Graham. And yet, as my friend Justin Taylor remarked this morning, Graham’s righteousness is the exact same righteousness of every other Christian. His robes are our robes, the robes of Jesus Christ.

I cannot improve on other stories, testimonies, or perspectives from others about Graham, so I won’t even try. Instead I’ll re-up a personal favorite of mine: A line from C.S. Lewis about meeting Billy Graham.

In his final recorded interview, Lewis was asked his opinion of Graham. Here’s his answer:

I had the pleasure of meeting Billy Graham once. We had dinner together during his visit to Cambridge University in 1955, while he was conducting a mission to students. I thought he was a very modest and a very sensible man, and I liked him very much indeed.

For his part, here’s what Graham had to say about Lewis:

‘I was afraid I would be intimidated by Lewis,’ Billy later admitted, ‘but I was relieved to find that he immediately put me at ease. I found him to be not only intelligent and witty but also gentle and gracious. He seemed genuinely interested in our meetings.’

Modest. Sensible. Gentle. Gracious. I hope I will pray regularly to be more like these two heroes of mine, not foremost in their accomplishments, but in their humility and love.

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