David Frum stays very concerned about the Trump administration’s habit of lying. We know this, because he regularly tweets and writes about it. Frum’s not joking around, here. Presidents and their partisans shouldn’t lie, and when they do lie, as Frum frequently notes, the public trust is harmed.

I wish Frum could apply this love of the truth to himself. Because this is a whopper:

Taunton’s book, of course, makes no such claim, and Taunton went out of his way after the book published to say it was not making that claim. If Frum has read the book, as he says he has, he knows this. If he’s read the book but still doesn’t know it, he shouldn’t be trusted as a journalist. If he hasn’t read the book, then he’s lying about an awful lot more. From any angle, Frum’s tweet is a lieā€”big, fat, and bald-faced.

But this is a lie in service of Frum’s beliefs, and a lie that attacks his enemies. Therefore it’s OK.

Now who does that sound like?

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Posted by Samuel James

Samuel D. James is associate acquisitions editor for Crossway Books.