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plastic waste litters an African beach

four theses on immigration

The following are some core points about immigration that I hope can cut through the rhetoric that both sides of the issue tend to elide. The solutions I have on offer are not easy, nor do I expect they can...

/ September 30, 2022
Somaliland flag

patriotism good, nationalism bad?

There is a recurrent discourse about nationalism and patriotism that I generally find stultifying. In general, many have (following C.S. Lewis) declared that patriotism is a good love of one’s country and people, while nationalism is the bad belief that...

/ February 28, 2022

what cannot be rebuilt

This is a heartbreaking story about the exodus of Christians from Iraq by Janine di Giovanni: In the summer of 2014, the Islamic State occupied Christian cities and villages across northern Iraq, appropriated Christian homes, and destroyed farms of Christian...

/ December 11, 2018

Asia Bibi should get asylum anywhere she wants

I am glad to see this call from Providence magazine to grant Asia Bibi asylum… anywhere. (More on her story here.) The obvious shouldn’t need saying, but it is clear that there are many Muslims in the UK, whether new immigrant or...

/ November 22, 2018

“You have mismanaged the light.”

This analysis of how South Sudanese refugees living in Northern Uganda understand the spiritual dimensions of their displacement is sharp: But the role of the church is not just social. Often, biblical explanations for suffering are presented as a means...

/ August 21, 2018

the long-term migration problem

This is hard to read, but it’s necessary to ponder. It begins with the story of Jose Matada, who climbed into the landing gear of a plane and died when he fell out as the plane was descending in 2012....

/ June 27, 2018

loneliness, refugees, and the spaces we live in

This essay by D.L. Mayfield in Comment is very relevant to my interests: The suburban neighbourhood where I currently live was not built for community. This was done by design—the suburbs were meant to be bastions of happy isolation, with...

/ June 18, 2018

denying admission to Christian refugees

The U.S. recently denied asylum to about 100 Iranian Christians who had previously been invited to apply for refugee status, reports Mindy Belz at WORLD. Some, apparently, did not meet the security requirements. Sadly, while a lot of opposition to...

/ February 21, 2018

If our enemy is modernity, aren’t immigrants and Muslims on our side?

2016 has been a bad year in general for principled conservatives, but this article on the divide between “ideological conservatives” and “civilizational conservatives” brings up a big, ugly fracture point that may be far wider than just their affinity for Islam...

/ December 21, 2016