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Public Education, Justice, and Solidarity

Firing up the ol’ blog machine (in no small part because the excellent Tara Isabella Burton has joined the Mere-O world) for a series of disjointed thoughts on this Atlantic piece about a family that tried to escape the insane...

/ September 17, 2019

education and all God’s children

I really appreciated D.L. Mayfield’s essay about educating our children and “gifted and talented” programs: What is the right relationship to educational choice for the Christian? It’s complicated, and I often think about what Paul was trying to communicate in...

/ December 28, 2018

God and public schools

Like Emily Hubbard, I grew up in a conservative Christian milieu that thought public schools were a moral cesspool where I would be exposed to drugs, sex, and possibly even evolutionary theory. And now she sends her kids to a...

/ September 17, 2018