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the liberal order and its haters

I’ve had several conversations in the past year in person and online in which I referenced “the liberal order” or “liberalism” as me and some of my buddies understand it, only to find that I have engendered confusion with this...

/ April 6, 2022

could i interest you in everything all of the time? [because everything is the same]

By now you’ve probably watched “Welcome to the Internet”, Bo Burnham’s hilariously disturbing song about… well, the Internet. It’s funny, but I’ve stopped laughing at the jokes but still keep listening to it. If you haven’t already seen it and...

/ July 27, 2021

we need a twenty-first century Comstock

Helen Andrews is at The Hedgehog Review with a review of a book on Anthony Comstock and censorship, subtly calling for a new Comstock for our brave new world of pornography: The problem of pornography has never been worse than it...

/ November 14, 2018