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even surgeons agree: we hate EMRs!

Atul Gawande jumps on the anti-EMR bandwagon, and it’s a very satisfying read: There’s a techno-optimist view of how this story will unfold. Big technology companies are already circling to invest in IKS Health. They see an opportunity for artificial...

/ November 13, 2018

“the patient in the hospital bed is just the icon”

Abraham Verghese has a moving and pointed reflection about the ubiquity of technology in the hospital: When students arrive on the wards full time, white coats packed with the aforementioned instruments, measuring tape, tuning fork, flashlight and Snellen eye chart,...

/ July 23, 2018

follow the money, asthma prevention edition

The Washington Post explains why prevention gets shafted when it comes to treating chronic diseases like asthma: Both [major teaching hospitals in Baltimore] receive massive tax breaks in return for providing “community benefit,” a poorly defined federal requirement that they...

/ February 9, 2018