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a letter from a Chinese pastor

This is a moving letter from a Chinese pastor arrested for preaching the Gospel: Those who lock me up will one day be locked up by angels. Those who interrogate me will finally be questioned and judged by Christ.  When I...

/ December 21, 2018

letting dying people die is not the same as killing them

Ian Tuttle asks some very good ethical questions in the case of Charlie Gard, the British infant with a rare mitochondrial disease whose parents have been forbidden by the courts from taking their child to the U.S. for experimental treatment:...

/ June 30, 2017

You CAN force your morality on others! That’s what government is for.

One does not have to travel far on the information superhighway (or the meatspace) to encounter this sentiment in relation to Christians in politics: “Well, we can’t just force our morality on others.” Yes, you can. Actually, that’s what the...

/ May 9, 2017