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how can the church respond to the opioid epidemic?

Thank you for your patience while I was away! I really appreciated Sarah Clark’s work in this piece on the opioid epidemic: The paradox of addiction is that people cannot choose to leave drugs behind until they fully admit to...

/ April 10, 2018

preventing child deaths in America

America Magazine asked me to write a short piece about America’s shameful discrepancies in child deaths. It wasn’t easy to squeeze 3 very different causes of death into 750 words, but I did my best. It was interesting  (for me,...

/ February 26, 2018

addiction: the devil you can measure and the devil you can’t

Christopher Caldwell has an arresting essay in this month’s First Things: If you take too much heroin, your breathing slows until you die. Unfortunately, the drug sets an addictive trap that is sinister and subtle. It provides a euphoria—a feeling...

/ March 8, 2017