Category: Technology

EMRs are designed for billing, not for retaining information

The dirty secret of all electronic medical records (EMRs) is this: they are not primarily designed to help doctors record, review, or share information about their patients. No, they are primarily designed to capture the data necessary to submit bills to...

/ February 12, 2018

tara isabella burton, “the destroyer”

Tara Isabella Burton is one of the sharpest religion writers out there (here’s her Vox page), but she’s also a damn good fiction writer. I have longed for years to say, at year’s end, that I have read a novel...

/ February 8, 2018

farewell to facebook

For years, Zuckerberg and Facebook have tromped through the technology landscape and demolished everything that stood in the way. This was done without any reprisal, without any consequence. In fact, each time the company destroyed a competitor, or found a...

/ February 5, 2018