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some thoughts on “Anti-racism’s mission drift”

A few weeks ago, Jonathan Tran published a piece in The Christian Century called “Anti-racism’s mission drift.” It’s the best summary of where antiracism has gone off course in the last several years. It’s unfortunately paywalled, but here are the...

/ May 31, 2023

conservative Christian single payer health care: critiques & responses

First Things was gracious enough to publish my brief argument for single-payer health care from a conservative, Christian perspective. There was a lot that had to be cut due to space and a lot that I didn’t write simply because...

/ May 1, 2023
"It's not enough to bash in heads, you've got to bash in minds."

“Look at this ear I cut off, Lord!”

“Look at this ear I cut off, Lord! Isn’t it so bloody and ragged?” “Did you cut that off of… Philip’s head?” “Well, yeah, but did you hear what he said about…” I’m trying to stop sneering. My own tendencies...

/ April 14, 2023
william wilberforce and john newton

Christian Moral Pedagogy and Penumbrae of Power

I think most Christians these days who are thinking about culture, society, and politics agree with Leslie Newbigin that Christians in the West today face the challenge of being missionaries in their own culture, and that the post-Christian pluralist West...

/ December 13, 2022
plastic waste litters an African beach

four theses on immigration

The following are some core points about immigration that I hope can cut through the rhetoric that both sides of the issue tend to elide. The solutions I have on offer are not easy, nor do I expect they can...

/ September 30, 2022

The Right Thing Has a Real Cost: Abortion Politics and Social Welfare

This essay was originally published in 2015 at Canon and Culture, a project of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission under the title “The Right Thing Has a Real Cost”. I was unable to find it on Wayback Machine. I...

/ May 16, 2022

the liberal order and its haters

I’ve had several conversations in the past year in person and online in which I referenced “the liberal order” or “liberalism” as me and some of my buddies understand it, only to find that I have engendered confusion with this...

/ April 6, 2022
A simple puzzle for Batman to solve

The Batman: LA Confidential meets Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

I really wanted to like this movie. I was, I will admit, looking forward to it more than was reasonable. I will also admit that this post might have been a series of tweets if it were not for Lent....

/ March 29, 2022
Somaliland flag

patriotism good, nationalism bad?

There is a recurrent discourse about nationalism and patriotism that I generally find stultifying. In general, many have (following C.S. Lewis) declared that patriotism is a good love of one’s country and people, while nationalism is the bad belief that...

/ February 28, 2022

looking for better mind-readers

There is a strain of commentary that has been more or less constant for the past decade or so, and its thesis is basically thus: A certain group of Christians, by virtue of their cultural position, are embarrassed by the...

/ October 7, 2021