Month: March 2017

Health care is not a human right, but it is also not just a market commodity

As the GOP prepares to continue its long and painful process of self-immolation by voting (or not voting) on a bill whose greatest priorities appear to be cutting taxes for rich people and allowing young, healthy people to pay less...

/ March 24, 2017

Andy Crouch on race, power, and culture making

Just wanted to quickly highlight some recent podcasts featuring Andy Crouch. I have long enjoyed Andy’s writing and his work with Christianity Today (here’s my review of his most recent book, Strong and Weak), but I found these podcasts full of...

/ March 13, 2017

addiction: the devil you can measure and the devil you can’t

Christopher Caldwell has an arresting essay in this month’s First Things: If you take too much heroin, your breathing slows until you die. Unfortunately, the drug sets an addictive trap that is sinister and subtle. It provides a euphoria—a feeling...

/ March 8, 2017