Panopticon Discipleship

(I’m just trying to do some short stuff that would’ve gone on Twitter, in much less thoughtful, developed form, on the personal blog instead.) One of the trends I have noticed in many conversations with people who have left the...

/ February 16, 2022

Preaching in a Disorienting, Low-Competence Society

Beck: I think Newbigin was right. On Friday I was making Newbigin’s point by describing the modern world as “a moral vacuum.” And my point at the end of the post was to note that advice-giving has intrinsic appeal in...

/ February 15, 2022

Critical Race Theory Isn’t Going to Get You

In an old standup bit from a few years before his untimely death, Norm Macdonald mocked the way American media sometimes manufactures fear through their coverage of global affairs before memorably pivoting to the one country that really did scare him....

/ February 14, 2022

2022 Reading Goals

I’m following Leah Sargeant’s lead this year and am trying to give myself a list of “goal books” to read for 2022. Thanks to some news I’m going to share in a separate post on the main site, I’m hoping...

/ January 4, 2022

Being Deep in History and Protestant

If your background is anything like mine, you both grew up in the church and grew up tremendously ignorant of much of what the church has said and thought throughout her history. I remember realizing with a shock while I...

/ December 20, 2021

Deconstructing in the Ruins

I don’t know a way to start this without some level of personal detail, but I’ll try to be brief: I grew up in a church somewhere right of John MacArthur which, these days, things MacArthur is a progressive. If you...

/ July 16, 2021

Notes on DeYoung’s Review of Thompson and Kwon

We are going to be reviewing the book in some fashion on the main page (I see you, Sarah). That said, given Kevin DeYoung’s review at TGC this morning, I wanted to put up some quick notes replying to what...

/ April 22, 2021

Let’s Talk About “Theonomy”

Occasional Mere O contributor Andrew Walker has published a muddled and confused essay about theonomy over at TGC. Given the nature of the errors, I wanted to take the time to lay out the issues with the piece in hopes...

/ April 6, 2021

Amazon and Anderson: A Tale of America Coming Apart

In the aftermath of the news that Amazon has delisted Ryan T. Anderson’s book When Harry Became Sally, a number of people, never to miss an opportunity to enjoy the reactionary right’s favorite pastime, tried to dunk on David French:

/ February 25, 2021

Reviewing 2020, Starting 2021

Inspired by Chris’s post over at his blog, I’m trying something similar here.

/ January 4, 2021