I just posted this on the Patreon page for Mere O and wanted to cross-post here to make sure everyone saw it.

Hey all, I have a few news items to share with y’all:

First: My book will be out in a few weeks. As a thank you to our patrons, I’m giving a signed copy to every patron at the $25/month level and higher. If I have your address, I’ll be getting the book in the mail this week. If I do not, I’ll be reaching out to ask for it so I can get your book to you.

NOTE: I will also extend this perk for any new $25/month patrons so if you are not currently a patron or are a patron at a lower level and would be interested in bumping up to a higher tier, I will send you a free signed copy as well.

Second: We now are able to accept donations as a non-profit thanks to partnering with Joy to the World Foundation. Technically they are the non-profit and we are working under them, but basically that just means we pay them a small fee in exchange for them handling payment to editors and writers and tax receipts for donors. So: If you want to be able to file your donation to us as tax deductible, you need to switch over to our portal with Joy to the World.

That being said, if you are not concerned about this and instead want to simply keep your Patreon donation as is, we will be keeping the Patreon page online. So if you do not care about the donation being tax deductible, you do not need to do anything. The Patreon will continue to be active.

Third: I’m now looking to plan book-related events in the near future. I will be in DC in July for a launch event and we are hoping to do something this month here in Lincoln. I’m also tentatively planning to be at the Front Porch Republic conference this September in Louisville.

If you want to schedule something in your area, you can do that using the form on my new personal website.

Fourth and finally: I am hoping to launch a new interview-based podcast in the near future. It will be about the value of rootedness and patience—if you think of it as an interview-based cousin to Chris Krycho and Stephen Carradini’s Winning Slowly you will have the right idea. I’m still nailing down the name for it and some of the other issues (equipment, frequency, guests, etc.) but keep an eye out for that as well. (And if you have name ideas, pass them along!)

Thank you so much y’all. Thanks to your donations we’ve been able to grow this site beyond what I would have hoped back in 2013 when I took over. I’m excited to see what the next chapter looks like.

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Posted by Jake Meador

Jake Meador is the editor-in-chief of Mere Orthodoxy. He is a 2010 graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he studied English and History. He lives in Lincoln, NE with his wife Joie, their daughter Davy Joy, and sons Wendell, Austin, and Ambrose. Jake's writing has appeared in Commonweal, Christianity Today, Fare Forward, the University Bookman, Books & Culture, First Things, National Review, Front Porch Republic, and The Run of Play and he has written or contributed to several books, including "In Search of the Common Good," "What Are Christians For?" (both with InterVarsity Press), "A Protestant Christendom?" (with Davenant Press), and "Telling the Stories Right" (with the Front Porch Republic Press).