Category: Technology

Nine Months After Twitter

It’s been nine months now since I stopped regularly monitoring Twitter and more or less automated my account. If you want to know why I did that, read this. If you want to know how it works from the tech...

/ December 16, 2022

Tech and Leadership

A short riff on Samuel’s article today on the main site: One of the consequences of the shift Samuel is noticing is going to be felt more in the next 6-8 years, I expect. Up till now, many of our...

/ December 5, 2022

Ten Weeks Without Twitter

A week or so ago a few friends and I in a group chat were discussing a news story and how it didn’t map particularly well onto the established talking points of America’s respective political ideologues.

/ May 31, 2022

How I Twitter Now

Here’s a quick post on how I’m using Twitter these days. If you’re in academia or journalism and feel the pressure to be active on the platform but hate what it does to your time management and your mood or...

/ March 21, 2022

Re: Twitter

You’ve read this post a dozen times already. Here are two versions of it. This will be mine. The short version is this: I’m going to be switching to having an unmonitored Twitter account. What this means is my account...

/ March 17, 2022

The Cold

There’s an old column, sadly no longer online, that Jason Peters wrote for Front Porch Republic about the cold. Specifically it was about why he walked to his office on campus every day, no matter the temperature. There was value...

/ March 11, 2022

The New Reading Environment

n+1: All this is on your mind as you wait for your piece to go up. You’ve just written 1,200 words on Trump, norms, Twitter, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the future of the Democratic Party. Will you downplay its importance (“So...

/ September 13, 2018

In Praise of Owning Stuff

Cowen: Each of these changes is beneficial, yet I worry that Americans are, slowly but surely, losing their connection to the idea of private ownership. The nation was based on the notion that property ownership gives individuals a stake in...

/ September 12, 2018

The Ever-Present Audience

L. M. Sacasas: It is not just that our attention is fractured by the constant barrage of information, it is also that our desire for attention has deformed our intellectual and emotional lives. The ever-present audience has proven too powerful a temptation,...

/ September 11, 2018