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The Neo-Liberal Feminists are Boring

I had a couple people ask about my thoughts on some of the pushback against my thread last week, particularly as it relates to Dr. Robinson’s essays here. There are two separate issues so I’m going to try to take...

/ May 10, 2023

A Church That Can’t Exist in the World

Recent years have seen many evangelical thinkers become more alert to the work that individual doctrines do in our broader understanding of the Christian faith and life. The neglected, occasionally despised, and much misunderstood doctrine of divine impassibility, for example,...

/ April 5, 2023

Tolkien, Marriage, Liberalism

A number of questions have come up in response to the piece on the main site concerning the Respect for Marriage Act and what I guess one might call the political theology of Tolkien, who I built the essay around....

/ December 7, 2022

Opportunities for Renewal After the Sexual Revolution

Matt Yglesias has an astute piece noting some reasons for concern amongst progressives re: the long string of success their movement has enjoyed with regards to LGBT+ issues: We had a roughly 10-year period of political routs (starting with the...

/ March 25, 2022

Moving On

If you’ve followed the discourse around sexuality and the PCA, then you’ve likely seen Tim Keller’s recent piece, which has provoked some strong reactions within the PCA. It’s a helpful write-up of what has happened so far. This is my...

/ March 24, 2022

Children, Culture Wars, and Christian Societies

All of the following things can be true:

/ June 18, 2020

Consent and Trust

From the NYT: For our first date, he took an Uber to my apartment through a winter storm. As the snow fell outside, we sat close on my couch while he talked touchingly about poetry. Two hours in, I was hoping...

/ September 21, 2018

Rosaria Butterfield and Evading the Issues

Jeremy Erickson: Rosaria Butterfield has not to my knowledge spoken recently about whether or not she continues to experience sexual temptation towards other women. People talk about her as a “former lesbian,” and as long as everything is defined in...

/ September 20, 2018

Why do so many people feel the need to lie about Cardinal McCarrick?

Here is Timothy Egan, a columnist writing in the New York Times:

/ August 31, 2018

Spiritual Friendship Pre-Conference Talks: Johanna Finegan

This talk from Johanna Finegan is well worth your time if you want to see a response from a Spiritual Friendship writer to much of the controversy surrounding the Revoice event.

/ August 3, 2018