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Reading the Pan-Africanists: Kenneth Kaunda V

More on nationalism: The leader must recognize that politics alone do not create a nation; a whole network of cultural, religious and social factors play an important role. Nation-building, therefore, is not solely a political operation, active encouragement must also...

/ July 29, 2022

Reading the Pan-Africanists: Kenneth Kaunda IV

The whole chapter on nationalism is fascinating reading, especially if the main forms of nationalism you’re familiar with are European forms or the muddled thing we have here in America. African nationalism, this explosive force which has changed the shape...

/ July 28, 2022

Car-Free with Kids

Gracy’s latest newsletter is worth your time. She also made a number of observations that have overlapped with my own experience as we’ve been a single-car family with four kids. Here’s Gracy: As I proceeded to and from school, I...

/ July 1, 2022

What I Saw at the Justice Summit

Last week I spent two days on the south side of Chicago attending the justice summit at Progressive Baptist Church, pastored by the Rev. Dr. Charlie Dates. These are some general observations from my time there, though I expect that...

/ June 21, 2022

The Cold

There’s an old column, sadly no longer online, that Jason Peters wrote for Front Porch Republic about the cold. Specifically it was about why he walked to his office on campus every day, no matter the temperature. There was value...

/ March 11, 2022

The Post-Liberal State and the (Highly Technical) Goods of Modernity

Several years ago my dad suffered a traumatic brain injury. To put it as plainly as I can: He is alive today because he had major brain surgery followed by a three-week long nap in the ICU that cost someone...

/ August 14, 2019

A Quick Thought on “Sacramental” Language

Derek has a good post offering some needed pushback to the growing usage of ‘sacramental’ language amongst some evangelicals. The problem, in short, is that sacraments are a very particular thing with a particular function in the Christian life and...

/ January 2, 2019

Plough Magazine: The Hole in Wendell Berry’s Gospel

This critique is common enough but a bit wrong-headed in my opinion:

/ December 29, 2016

Never Knowing Where You Come From

Berry at his absolute best:

/ December 16, 2016