Category: Piety

Concerning Candor

A few readers, responding to the recent PR style essay, have asked what I meant when I referred to adopting a posture of candor as opposed to postures of aggressive belligerence or a kind of apologetic suppliance.

/ March 23, 2023

The Therapeutic, Ctd.

Last year we raised a number of concerns about the ubiquity of therapeutic discourse within the evangelical movement. In particular, a number of writers associated with Mere O, including myself, are alarmed by two things in particular: First, the ways in...

/ March 22, 2023

HR Goes to Church

The longer that I listen to folks who didn’t like Samuel’s review talk about Samuel’s review the more I think Samuel has it exactly right. Perhaps this is a good way of getting at the concern I have, which is...

/ November 2, 2022

Mark Sayers’s “Sin Chart”

From a recent Rebuilders episode: A frame for understanding how different belief systems see and interpret the world. First, five diagnostic questions: What is the purpose of life? What is sin? What is the world? What is its attitude toward...

/ September 16, 2022

To Die on the Right Side

Ward, from After Humanity: Lewis thus ardently defends the Tao not so much because it told him how to live, still less because it entitled him to tell other people how to live, but because it told him how to view...

/ August 23, 2022

Basil the Great Addresses the Rich

St Basil: Since, then, the wealth still overflows, it gets buried underground, stashed away in secret places. For (they say), “what’s to come is uncertain, we may face unexpected needs.” Therefore it is equally uncertain whether you will have any...

/ August 2, 2022

What I Saw at the Justice Summit

Last week I spent two days on the south side of Chicago attending the justice summit at Progressive Baptist Church, pastored by the Rev. Dr. Charlie Dates. These are some general observations from my time there, though I expect that...

/ June 21, 2022

Keep Going

One of the disorienting effects of the last several years has been the shattering of friendships and alliances as reactions first to Trump and later to COVID (and to a myriad of other things in between) have broken apart many...

/ June 14, 2022

Every New Day, Love Song for a Savior, and Dechurching

I was at the last show Five Iron Frenzy played outside Colorado. In 2004 they passed through Lincoln on their way back home for their final two shows, both played in their hometown of Denver. But before that they played...

/ March 18, 2022

Panopticon Discipleship

(I’m just trying to do some short stuff that would’ve gone on Twitter, in much less thoughtful, developed form, on the personal blog instead.) One of the trends I have noticed in many conversations with people who have left the...

/ February 16, 2022