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My Work This Year

Almost everything I wrote this year ran here at Mere O, either on the main site or here at Commonplaces. Here’s a link to everything I wrote on the main site. It’s been rather a busy year—I’ve written about 110,000 words on Mere...

/ December 21, 2022

Keep Going

One of the disorienting effects of the last several years has been the shattering of friendships and alliances as reactions first to Trump and later to COVID (and to a myriad of other things in between) have broken apart many...

/ June 14, 2022

The Cold

There’s an old column, sadly no longer online, that Jason Peters wrote for Front Porch Republic about the cold. Specifically it was about why he walked to his office on campus every day, no matter the temperature. There was value...

/ March 11, 2022

Reviewing 2020, Starting 2021

Inspired by Chris’s post over at his blog, I’m trying something similar here.

/ January 4, 2021