Category: Hospitality

Schaeffer’s Legacy

I am a former L’Abri student. Every time I visit Rochester, MN, I make a point of visiting Dr. Schaeffer’s grave. He’s something of a spiritual grandfather to me. My most treasured book in my home library is a copy...

/ September 23, 2022

Church Life and Social Collapse

Anne Helen Petersen recently featured a piece on her Substack written by a Peloton customer sharing her experience with the company. What’s most striking about the piece is the title, though it is helpful to read the whole thing to...

/ April 26, 2022

Hospitality requires skill.

Last year my parents got me a Weber Kettle charcoal grill for Father’s Day. Since then I’ve been learning how to cook meats on the grill, including smoking meats on the grill. It’s been a pleasure and the results have...

/ April 12, 2018