Category: History

The Bavinck Turn

In his (excellent) biography of Bavinck, James Eglinton notes a shift that happened in the great Dutch theologian around the turn of the century. Earlier in his career, Bavinck was deeply concerned with the project of reinvigorating Calvinism in the...

/ March 30, 2022

Notes on DeYoung’s Review of Thompson and Kwon

We are going to be reviewing the book in some fashion on the main page (I see you, Sarah). That said, given Kevin DeYoung’s review at TGC this morning, I wanted to put up some quick notes replying to what...

/ April 22, 2021

Christopher Dawson on Bourgeois Culture

From “The Significance of Bolshevism” (written in 1933): Man cannot live in a spiritual void; he needs some fixed social standards and some absolute intellectual principles. Bolshevism at least replaces the spiritual anarchy of bourgeois society by a rigid order...

/ May 18, 2020