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In Memoriam: Queen Elizabeth II

In the climactic scene of the 1998 movie The Truman Show, the protagonist, a man named Truman and played by Jim Carrey, has recently discovered that this entire life has been a TV show lived out inside a gigantic dome...

/ September 12, 2022

Reading the Pan-Africanists: Kenneth Kaunda V

More on nationalism: The leader must recognize that politics alone do not create a nation; a whole network of cultural, religious and social factors play an important role. Nation-building, therefore, is not solely a political operation, active encouragement must also...

/ July 29, 2022

What I Saw at the Justice Summit

Last week I spent two days on the south side of Chicago attending the justice summit at Progressive Baptist Church, pastored by the Rev. Dr. Charlie Dates. These are some general observations from my time there, though I expect that...

/ June 21, 2022

Church Life and Social Collapse

Anne Helen Petersen recently featured a piece on her Substack written by a Peloton customer sharing her experience with the company. What’s most striking about the piece is the title, though it is helpful to read the whole thing to...

/ April 26, 2022

What makes a person or theological statement “individualistic”?

I wanted to put up a quick post to deal with an objection that had been raised to John Shelton’s post over on the main site. In his post, Shelton argued that there is a strong individualistic streak to American...

/ April 29, 2019

What do we mean by “community”?

There’s a piece over at TGC I want to flag for a couple reasons. That said, before I get into some reservations about it, I wanted to note that the author is a pastor in Fargo, ND and he’s reporting...

/ June 6, 2018

I Want to be a Burden

This excerpt fromĀ Gilbert MeilaenderĀ is gold:

/ December 16, 2016