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People Aren’t Avatars for All the Good and/or Bad Things

Here’s a bit of PCA trivia for you. In the last two years, three of the denomination’s most influential pastors have gone home to be with the Lord. They are Frank Barker, Harry Reeder, and Tim Keller. Of the three,...

/ May 25, 2023

Stop engaging swarms.

There is a simple reason that many neo-fundamentalists and progressive evangelicals keep swarming, harassing, and slandering people on social media: It keeps working. If it works, why would they stop? If you want them to stop, you need to ignore...

/ May 5, 2023

Church as NGO

One of the most pressing problems facing the church in the west right now is how we can course correct after 40 years of failed discipleship strategies. The past decade has exposed the fact that many of the people in...

/ April 21, 2023


One of the more formative experiences of my Christian life came a couple days after my arrival at Rochester L’Abri. It was Sunday evening, which meant high tea. It was an old L’Abri tradition dating back to the Schaeffer’s: Sunday...

/ April 13, 2023

A Church That Can’t Exist in the World

Recent years have seen many evangelical thinkers become more alert to the work that individual doctrines do in our broader understanding of the Christian faith and life. The neglected, occasionally despised, and much misunderstood doctrine of divine impassibility, for example,...

/ April 5, 2023

On Actually Reading What People Actually Say

Here are excerpts from interviews or brief writings on issues of sexuality, sin, and concupiscence from three pastors: Pastor A: Interviewer: It sounds like you’re saying that original sin is culpable sin, but then it produces something that is not...

/ March 14, 2023

How to be an Evangelical Influencer (Apparently)

Endorse a book you didn’t actually read. Capitulate to a Twitter mob demanding you retract your endorsement for the book that you didn’t actually read. Call the book’s argument, which is almost identical to things you’ve said in your own...

/ March 13, 2023

Wild Christianity

Kingsnorth has a must-read inĀ First Things: Everybody is talking these days about the decline of the West, and with good reason. Some people think that Christianity should have something to say about this: that as the faith was the rock...

/ February 24, 2023

Evangelistic Postures

(Note: I’m going to be using the short hand from Mike and Skyler’s six-way fracturing article throughout this piece. So if you haven’t read it, start there.) The core problem facing the preservation or formation of conservative Protestant coalitions right...

/ February 14, 2023

Where Did the College-Aged Evangelicals Go?

I’m trying a new format out with some short-form videos. Here’s our first foray: You can subscribe on YouTube to get alerts when we publish more videos. I’ll also likely cross post them here as well.

/ December 21, 2022