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Every New Day, Love Song for a Savior, and Dechurching

I was at the last show Five Iron Frenzy played outside Colorado. In 2004 they passed through Lincoln on their way back home for their final two shows, both played in their hometown of Denver. But before that they played...

/ March 18, 2022

He Saw Our Darkness

This piece on Johnny Cash is fantastic: The tragic, doleful Cash had returned. On his own compositions and covers, he sang of a cold-blooded killer haunted by his deeds, a convict known only by the number tattooed on his neck,...

/ September 24, 2018

I Hope I’m Wrong by Dessa

One of the things I am increasingly convinced of is the fact that many,┬ámany American young people are actually quite concerned with matters of spirituality and religious life. The much-discussed “rise of the nones” is less about the rejection of...

/ July 30, 2018