Month: November 2022

Gratitude 2022 (1)

I decided this past Lord’s Day to start a new custom on the blog, which is to write short pieces about gratitude and specifically things I am grateful for as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, which I dearly love, even...

/ November 21, 2022

Church and “the Therapeutic”, Ctd.

Two different things, both of which I have seen in churches: Church One The church’s leadership distinguishes carefully between spiritual care/shepherding work and mental health/therapeutic care, preserving space for both, but keeping them clearly separate. “Parishioner” is not another word...

/ November 3, 2022

HR Goes to Church

The longer that I listen to folks who didn’t like Samuel’s review talk about Samuel’s review the more I think Samuel has it exactly right. Perhaps this is a good way of getting at the concern I have, which is...

/ November 2, 2022