Month: August 2022

Gray on the Two Faces of Liberalism

So I first heard mention of John Gray on a recent episode of Rebuilders. Then I mentioned it in our writers’ Slack and found out that a few folks in there were already big fans of Gray’s work while another...

/ August 18, 2022


To briefly say a bit more about this: "Evangelicalism" as a Movement of Boromirs: each faction in the movement trying to wield a ring of power in its own way, thereby using worldly means to supposedly obtain heavenly goods. Or,...

/ August 18, 2022

Reading the Pan-Africanists: Kenneth Kaunda (VI)

Here Kaunda is discussing military rule and why he sees it as a dead end for newly independent African nations. (Military rule mostly came in with the second generation of dictators, such as Idi Amin and Mobutu, and usually with...

/ August 17, 2022

You Mostly Shouldn’t Write About People You Hate

A thought provoked by Miles’s column at World in which he says: What made McCullough so different from his critics is that he maintained affection and charity towards the United States and its peoples despite its flawed history. McCullough had the...

/ August 16, 2022

The Dead Consensus vs Ahmarism in Three Sentences

The Dead Consensus has no theory of power. The Ahmarists have no theory of martyrdom. A Christian political philosophy has to have both if it is going to be actually Christian.

/ August 5, 2022

Five Ministry Dynamics for the Gray Zone

From Rebuilders, which continues to be one of my favorite podcasts. Essential listening for ministry leaders, pastors, etc. Here they are discussing challenges that are confronting the church in what Sayers calls a “gray zone.” Gray zones refer to historical...

/ August 4, 2022

Voting and Virtue

A further note re: the Orbanism piece: When we talk about how citizens engage in political life, there are really two separate things we can talk about. We can talk about a relatively narrow category concerned with voting, perhaps some...

/ August 4, 2022

Notes on the Orbanism Essay

One common question that’s come up since the Orbanism piece on the main site is one that I tried to anticipate in the essay itself: Is the Augustinian liberal strategy naive? Or, put another way, does it matter if liberalism...

/ August 3, 2022

Basil the Great Addresses the Rich

St Basil: Since, then, the wealth still overflows, it gets buried underground, stashed away in secret places. For (they say), “what’s to come is uncertain, we may face unexpected needs.” Therefore it is equally uncertain whether you will have any...

/ August 2, 2022

Christopher Thompson on New Natural Law

Christopher Thompson, author of what looks to be a fascinating book on natural law and ecological care, on the failure of New Natural Law (this is an excerpt from the Friday Feature of Mars Hill Audio, which you need to...

/ August 1, 2022