Month: May 2022

Ten Weeks Without Twitter

A week or so ago a few friends and I in a group chat were discussing a news story and how it didn’t map particularly well onto the established talking points of America’s respective political ideologues.

/ May 31, 2022

Institutional Trust v Relational Trust

My colleague at Davenant, Justin Redemer: Relational trust will replace institutional trust in the next decade. — Justin Redemer (@j_redemer) May 27, 2022 This is correct. It is also extremely bad.

/ May 27, 2022

If Teddy Roosevelt is a Nationalist then “Nationalism” has No Meaning

Sen. Hawley in Compact: Roosevelt advocated a robust, realistic American nationalism. He believed in the nation-state, and in the American nation above all. He didn’t seek to outsource US sovereignty (like the liberals) or make all the world a client of...

/ May 25, 2022

Christian Communities at Work

Any sort of Christian community, be it a household, a church, a study center, or even something as large as a Bruderhof community, needs to practice three types of work as part of their life, it seems to me.

/ May 17, 2022

Reality and Reformed Media

Over the weekend I gave a paper at a small conference that was basically pitched as “let’s offer the most sympathetic, from-the-sources account we can of modern ideas about self and nature, then let’s knock them down with Walker Percy...

/ May 10, 2022