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Nation-Building in the Himalayas: The Cost of Kashmir

Earlier this week, Andrew Willard Jones, Marc Barnes, and Jacob Imam published a piece in Postliberal Thought in response to the claims of the naturalness and finality of the nation-state presented in the recent National Conservatism Conference. Among other things,...

/ August 16, 2019

Not All Postliberal Theocratic Statism is Good: an anti-Modi Post

When I was nine, we went to Kashmir for ten days or so, to Srinagar, one of the hill stations, to get out of the Delhi heat. Rented a houseboat. When my mom was growing up, her family would go...

/ August 7, 2019

They Know Who Their Friends Are

In the last couple of weeks, one of the more interesting hypotheses to rear its head on Twitter is that the Alabama and Georgia abortion bans were engineered by white nationalists. Let’s check in: “The pro-lifers aren’t exactly wrong when...

/ May 22, 2019