Month: September 2019

Ahmari and his enemies: The question of the postliberal Right

Today, Sohrab Ahmari came out with a piece describing the current conservative internal debate, and more precisely outlining his position. He begins by pointing out how thoroughly the current paradigm– on both the left-liberal and right-liberal side– is a rejection...

/ September 11, 2019

Europe is not the Faith: On over-realized Belloc-ism

Time to name something. Let’s call it over-realized Belloc-ism– i.e. the people who have Deus Vult in their twitter bios and cartoon knights as their avis, and are basically just into Christianity as the folk religion of Europe. They tend...

/ September 10, 2019

Donald in Wonderland

Hands-down best analysis of Trump to Christians in 2016 that I’ve come across; not a bad picture of the post-Christian right to Christians in general. Go here. Well hello, there, it’s me With how it’s gonna be Settle down and...

/ September 7, 2019