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The Shack and the Problem of Christian Entertainment

Look at this headline from a movie review in The Metro: The evangelical entertainment ‘The Shack’ is almost a real movie I’m not entirely sure why, but what struck me most about this headline was not the clever zinger, but...

/ March 3, 2017

Dreams Can Break Your Heart

My wife and I saw La La Land last night. I found it dazzlingly entertaining, and even more than a bit moving. Emma Stone fully deserves her Oscar nomination (Ryan Gosling was fine, but his performance has been overrated). I think...

/ February 1, 2017

First thoughts on “Rogue One”

Some first impressions from tonight’s screening of Rogue One: This is the Star Wars film that critics of George Lucas’ prequels wanted instead. I told my brother-in law-in the car heading home that Rogue One is a love letter to...

/ December 16, 2016