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Africa as antidote

Melani McAlister has an incisive interview with David Swartz in Christianity Today on her new book, The Kingdom of God Has No Borders: A Global History of American Evangelicals: What do you mean when you describe Americans as “enchanted” by...

/ September 20, 2018

why can’t white Christians take black Christians at their word?

I’ve seen this article on Christians of color slowly backing away from white churches shared over and over this past weekend (for good reason, though Amy Sullivan notes that very similar reporting was done a year ago at Religion Dispatches). The...

/ March 12, 2018

can evangelicalism’s corpse be revived?

Alan Jacobs has a grim prediction for the future of evangelicalism: There will of course continue to be vibrant congregations that define themselves as evangelical, but fewer and fewer as the years go by, I think. Most churches that would...

/ February 16, 2018