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how can the church respond to the opioid epidemic?

Thank you for your patience while I was away! I really appreciated Sarah Clark’s work in this piece on the opioid epidemic: The paradox of addiction is that people cannot choose to leave drugs behind until they fully admit to...

/ April 10, 2018

Andrew Osenga, “The Painted Desert”

This year, I’m hoping to keep this blog more active with short posts about stories and essays I’ve been reading, but I also want to share more music. I love writing and listening to music and there’s a lot of...

/ January 31, 2018

In lieu of tweet threads

Blogging is dead, they said. Until tweet-threads started taking over Twitter. In lieu of clogging up your timeline with thoughts that I had to cut precious words and meaning from anyway, I’ll be sharing too-long-for-a-tweet yet too-short-for-a-real-essay thoughts here. Probably...

/ December 17, 2016