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spend time with poor people, be friends and neighbors

I love it when Eve Tushnet gets on her soapbox about poverty and virtue, and this great piece about the much-touted “success sequence” is no exception: The people I speak with believe they have a responsibility—there’s that word again—to achieve...

/ April 17, 2018

what it costs our kids

Since yesterday’s post was about the struggles of raising children overseas, here’s Tara Ann Thieke on the problems at home: But when I go home to my newspapers and social media feeds I read about how we need more early...

/ March 15, 2018

the life of an expat parent

Rachel Pieh Jones has an excellent piece at The Other Journal on what it’s like to be a parent living abroad. She’s got it worse than me — her kids are older and go to school in another country! —...

/ March 14, 2018