Category: Education

professionalism: the emperor has no clothes!

I’ve long wondered about the dominance of “professionalism” as the guiding moral code for physicians, and I’m glad to have found this article via The Good Physician Project that explains why it’s such an uneasy stricture: To defend its conclusions,...

/ June 12, 2018

my review of Jamil Jivani’s “Why Young Men?”

I reviewed Jamil Jivani’s new book, Why Young Men?, for Comment magazine. It’s a fascinating (and sometimes frustrating) book that explores the very important question of why young men are radicalized and embrace violence. It is a bit tricky to nail down...

/ June 11, 2018

what if college admissions gave priority to students attending low-income schools?

Rachel Cohen reports on an intriguing idea to combat educational inequalities: Many of the white parents’ fears were prejudice, plain and simple. But Scott-Railton knew that the parents were right about one thing: Integrating the school could mean that the...

/ May 31, 2018